To Cheat, or Not to Cheat?


Cheat meals….the mythical treats that are meant to be not bad, since its only once a week…and surely your body cant absorb all of those calories in one sitting…right?

One bad meal a week, or a couple of glasses of wine cant do that much damage right?

You’ve worked hard…so you deserve it…right?


What if i told you, cheating weekly can be the actual very reason, your not losing weight. The scale isn't moving, or why your not happy is because your having uncontrolled and un accountated for meals on the weekends.

Imagine…giving a 15 year old your credit card, and saying spend what you want for a day. How would that go down? Or imagine your boss said, do as much or as little work as you want today, how about that?

The point is, what gets measured gets done, when theres structure, theres success. Cheat meals, are complete losses of control and restirction, and for a lot of people, the idea that you can get away with them, throws them back a week or twos progress.

Here is an easy explanation.

Our friend Bob, is eating 2000kcals per day on average, monday to sunday, he's burning 2500 per day, so he is in a 500kcal deficit per day, over 7 days, thats 3500kcals, which = 1lb of fat.

Now if Bob, decided, he's worked hard, he deserves a beer and a takeaway on Saturday, it goes like this,

Monday - Friday 2000kcal per day, at a 500kcal deficit per day, = 2500kcal deficit.

Saturday, he sticks roughly to his eating schedule, but doesn't hit his protein or hydration goals, then in the evening, since he's worked hard, enjoys a crate of beer, 6 bottles, and a burger and chips.

Lets asses the damage.

Sticks roughly to eating like he has, 1800kcal, 6 bottles of beer, 1200kcal, burger and chips 1500kcal. This takes bob, to a 2500kcal surplus… funnily enough exactly what he's just worked so hard for all work to burn. This means, quite literally, he is going to lose ZERO FAT that week.

Every 6am session, every hunger pain, every craving. Completely wasted, for zero gain. This is just a small example of how calories work, and how that what people would consider a nice little treat (some would say what bob did is small game)  are in for a shock.

Now, you don't have to track calories in the beginning to get results, but you do have to watch those weekends, as they can totally derail your hard work.

Now if you are going to have a little treat, its smart to be honest and consult with your coach, since they can set up a mini plan of a attack for the day, to minimise damage, and help control its effects.

This is why its super important to be honest with your coach, as we at New Era understand that everyone wants to stay social, and enjoy a balanced life.

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