Are your “SNACKS” the reason you aren’t dropping fat?

Are your “SNACKS” the reason you aren’t dropping fat?

A lot of people lead hectic lifestyles. They are on the go, they often lack the luxury of time.

We all want to look good naked. We all want to be healthy and strong to lead a injury free, pain free and as much as we can reduce the likelihood of being side swiped by disease

Did you know? One of the benchmarks and indicators of good health having a low waist circumference measurement

SO the back to the question, Are your “snacks” the reason you aren’t dropping fat?

The short answer is NO!!!

I am not a believer in any one diet – I believe to one that you can stick to, which means you see continually results with is the right one for you

No one snack is bad for you or will be a “fat gaining” snack

HOWEVER, I am aware a slight bit of context is required to define what my definition of a snack is to what yours may be.

I class a snack as “small” easy to grab and easy to eat meal of 100-250 calorie range..

This could be ;


Small banana

Rice cake and tsp of nut butter

Protein bar

Protein shake

170g yoghurt

Just like the whole carbs make you fat nonsense, so just cut out carbs and you will lose fat… It isn’t that simple, this over simplification hinders the person in the long run, meaning INCREASE there chances of crashing off this “restrictive” protocol they don’t know what to do so they revert back to old habits.

However there may be those exceptions to this rule**

NOW heres the scenario from working with a individual who was a “snacker” and struggled to lose fat

Helen had her meal template and multiple options she could eat. She was focus on “losing fat” for a period of time because she wanted to look great strutting her stuff on the beach in ibiza in September

She had benchmarks and targets for daily activity and had a 3-4 time per week training schedule

Her calorie intake was set to 1,500 calories which isn’t a great deal of food for her training and lifestyle, but this would ensure she would see 2lbs come off each week provided we progressively manipulated if she platueaed.

Week 1 went great – 4lbs down!!! wow, she was buzzing..

** we explained now this could be a immediate loss of water weight and this loss shouldn’t be expected every week

Week 2 not so great – 0lbs lost, she wasn’t to pleased..

** fixations over what the scale does weekly can be really demotivating especially if thats the only marker you use to measure progress.. she was uplifted to see that her measurement had dropped around the hips and waist **2inch total loss**

After a follow up consultation we sat down to chat about how the diet changes where going…

Q: hows it going Helen?

A: Great, the changes and meal guide is really helpful and super easy to stick with

Q; Thats amazing, so glad you are adjusting well.. What is you favourite meal?

A; I love the breakfast options and my shake is lovely i add in banana, berries and honey and nut milk its really nice!!

Q: that sounds delicious.. but i don’t remember that being on the plan? are you aware you could potentially be unaccounting for 260 calories every time you drink that shake?

**twice per day thats 520 calories    

***7 days per week that 3,640 calories

****4 weeks thats 14,560 addition hidden calories

*****12 MONTHS 174,720 calories.. OMG!!

Thats almost 4.2lbs you have robbed yourself of hidden in your shake every month


Heres the issue, what you don’t measure stacks up overtime

This issue was quick to fix,

We replaced the honey with a small amount of zero calorie syrup (good or bad thats debatable, the dose we used is tiny and equates to less than 5% of her diet) stick that in your clean eating pipe and smoke it!!

We adjusted the evening snack so helen could have her berries and milk

We agreed on ditching the banana or rotating either the banana or the berries but not both

SNACK’s are not the issue causing the “fat gain” or stalling “fat loss” its the addition of on top of the foods you eat

Whether it is the 300 calories you are unaware of in your “super healthy” (EYES ROLL) shake or the two protein bars you chowed down on instead of the one you had accounted for


Coach Liam

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