First off I’ll start with Whey Protein, and what it is

When we talk about whey we are talking about a a complex protein made up of all sorts of smaller protein sub compounds, glycomacropeptides to just name one.

Quite simply put, its a fantastic source of protein, used by Athletes and Healthy people alike. For its either muscle building benefit, or surprising benefits to the immune system and overall health. The benefits of Protein found in all foods are for another article, This is due to a tri-peptide known as GSH. So this will come as a surprise to those who believe food is always superior to a protein powder. Now, this brings me to my next point,

When to go with Protein Powder, as opposed to food. Now theirs two times in a day where your body needs protein, and fast.

  • Breakfast, since the body has been essentially fasted for 8 or so hours, its protein stores are low or used up. So upon waking you want to get your body functioning and protecting your muscle as fast as possible, and Whey is the fastest digesting form of protein you can get.
  • Post workout, Since the muscles of your body have been torn apart (Literally) they need to be assisted in recovery by something called, a ”satellite cell”, these tiny cells will rebuild the muscular tissue stronger for next time, but only with the help of protein, Since whey like mentioned above, is the fasted digesting source of protein there is, at a time like this its optimal.


Now there are 2 other types of protein powders id like to cover


Casein is the protein found most commonly in milk, it Is a slow digesting protein.  Why would you want a slow digesting protein? For times when your body is going long periods of time without protein, its ideal, which really. Is one time a day, which is before you sleep. This is a big drawback as its price is pretty similar to whey, so considering whey is pretty much useable wherever, Casein has little usage, so id advise drinking a whey shake before bed with some milk, if your specific goal allows it.


There are some kinds of proteins I do not like, yeh who would of thought that.  Soy protein has no place in my diet. Soy foods contain trypsin inhibitors that inhibit protein digestion. Eating as little as 30 grams of soy per day can also result in hypothyroidism leading to sluggishness, fatigue, and weight gain. I am also not a big fan of trying to combine vegetable proteins to make a complete protein. Soy beans for example, are put through processing techniques that denature some of the proteins. If you are ever shopping for a protein powder or any protein ‘selling point’ product, please make sure the main ingredient is not SOY, companies can cheap out and sell you essentially useless protein, making you think your getting a steal.

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