We Currently Have 3 Programs Running in Our Facility.


This is a strength and Physique program for women to get stronger, get leaner and finally achieve a lean, toned and sexier body. This is primarily focused to those closer to their end goal who want to radically transform their shape. We focus heavily on developing an uplifted and shapely bum, reducing inner thigh fat, tightening and toning the upper arms, reducing belly fat and getting a flatter firmer tummy.



This is a Strength and Conditioning Program for Men who have lost their way and are bored with their Training Routine and Fed up of not seeing the results they deserve. If that sounds like you then I know you used to be fitter, stronger and more in shape than you are now. You most likely found it easier to stick to a Nutrition plan in the past too, but now lifes so hectic, you eat food for convenience rather than results. We educate you how to lift by focussing on the 4 Main Power Building Exercises. Squat, Deadlift, OH Press, Floor/Bench Press. We bring the best of Strength Training and Conditioning into a Powerful Training program that will revolutionise how you look, how you feel and you’ll see your strenght sky rocket. Many of our Rugged Members see bigger strength gains than they believed possible.


This is our Larger Group Training Program Primarily focussed on getting you Fitter, Stronger and Help you Burn Body Fat. These are highly metabolic sessions meaning they increase your capacity to burn fat Exponentially. You can experience an increase in Metabolic Rate for around 24-48 hours post exercise. We focus on exercises that are scientifically proven to help you melt unwanted pound of fat, blow torch stubborn fatty areas that you struggle to get rid of and improve you Cardio Vascular Endurance without the need for Running or Traditional Boring forms of Cardio.




For a long time personal training was reserved for only a select few, simply it was too costly. Then came crash courses in Personal Training, where people were able to get qualified in 6 weeks, this is not enough to be in charge of someone’s health and fitness.

So, when looking for a trainer you were likely to get one that was:
a) too expensive,
b) under-qualified or
c) even worse – both.


At NEW ERA Fitness and Performance, we guarantee to provide our members with the highest quality service from our Body Transformation Coaches. Our coaches have real world experience either changing their own physiques and/or clients. The system we use has time and time again achieved the desired results. Helping people look better naked, and we’ll do the same for you.

You need to understand we WILL get you results. Period. But just to sweeten the deal, EVERYTHING we do is backed by our Money Back guarantee.

I want to be completely clear. Your results are our results so we ensure that you achieve your goals. Secondly, we do it without the use of crash diets and fad training programs. We have cleverly devised scientifically proven systems that are fail proof. We help you remove the unnecessary and overwhelming information that you see out there, we never expose you to faddy, crash diets that will see you shift 5lbs of water in a week and then gain it all back a few days later.

Our methods are proven in the real world, with real everyday people who have families, busy careers and overwhelming schedules. From Mums of 5 Kids, to Career Mums, to Career Dads, to Dads that look after kids. No matter what your lifestyle looks like currently, you have challenges. We understand that.

Our main Focus is to help you achieve your goals, now and forever.