These are 3 major mistakes 90% of people make whilst trying to lose body fat and get in shape. If after reading this you still have some questions, contact us at

1) Tracking macro nutrient intake

If you are wondering what I’m talking about with the words ‘macronutrient’ intake, then  you are missing out on the biggest most essential element there is. There is no athlete, model, fitness competitor on earth that doesn’t use this method in some form or another…so why are you different?

Your first step is figuring out your BMR, then estimating your own daily caloric expenditure, finally then creating a deficit through the numbers to leave you in a negative energy balance. This, due to the laws of thermo dynamics, is the most effective tool you can use in a fat loss phase.

 2)Not moving

Now you have heard about Tracking your macronutrient intake, now I’m going to discuss another mistake you will also be making. Putting yourself in a negative energy balance, like mentioned above, can actually be done in a number of ways, not just decreasing food. Office workers tend to have the worst end of this, due to being seated all day, they burn almost no calories during there day.

My solution to this, is to make sure your hitting at least 10k steps a day, this will add a further 200-300 calories into your deficit, which will speed fat loss and in some cases enable you to eat more food ( this is an advanced technique which without further research we wouldn’t recommend.)

3) Started making excuses

This final point, which is still massively relevant, is if you have started to hide things away from yourself. Usually when a struggle in a diet kicks in, people may convince themselves that deviating from the plan/method ‘just once’ will be ok, but if you give up once, it becomes much easier the second time it comes to the decision making.

Your daily food intake should be something you can consistently eat, and enjoy, it should be a lifestyle that you feel good about. If you know your starting to make excuses for yourself, why not get in contact to see what we can do for you ;

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