Never fad diet again!!

What is a fad diet?

A fad diet is something that will not be sustainable long term. They usually promise incredible results in a short space of time.

Fads by definition:
‘an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one short lived; a craze’.  Fad diets can be any of a number of weight reduction diets that either eliminate one or more of the essential foods groups or recommend consumption of one type of food in excess at the expense of
other foods.

These diets are often endorsed by celebrities, instagram fitness models and medical professionals who style themselves as “gurus” and profit from sales of branded products, books and public

98% of people who follow these diets in order to lose weight gain it back within 5 years. Fad diets fail because many of them are not sustainable and people revert to former eating habits when it fails.

Current Fads to avoid like the bubonic plague:
Alkaline diet
5:2 diet
Cabbage soup diet
Detox diet
Dukkan diet
Israeli Army diet
Paleo diet
Atkins diet
Zone diet
Liquid diets
Slim fast
Clean eating
Fad supplements and remedies:
It works
Raspberry ketones
Forever aloe

Why do people fad diet?

It’s simple; people follow fad diets because they want to lose weight fast. People are motivated by losing pounds and inches, changing their exterior appearance rather than focusing on their interior health and reducing risk of disease. Individuals are motivated by the way they look in the mirror, on
the beach, in that particular dress or filling the t-shirt.

So what should you do?

1. Avoid all of the above fads and be aware of the next fad that will inevitably take the world by storm.
2. Include more fresh organic vegetables into your diet. Each meal, fill your plate with two handfuls of leafy and colourful vegetables.
3. Eat the best sourced protein you can afford. Animal protein such as free range organic chicken, grass fed beef, wild caught oily fish. Plant proteins such as beans, flaxseed, hemp, pea and brown rice.
4. Stay hydrated. Drink at least 2L of fluids a day, including bottled mineral water or filtered water avoid consumption of highly bleached chemical tap water.
5. Increase daily activity using a fitbit or similar step tracking device.
6. Change your environment. Walk in the countryside along the coast in fresh non polluted surrounding.
7. Get a good nights sleep. 6-8 hours minimum in very dark room free from lights and electrical devices.

It’s time to change your environment. The biggest cause to peoples problems for being overweight is that they have an environment that enables them to be this way. In other words it is too convenient for them to make poor choices.

Fad diets focus on convenience for their customers. Making it easier for them to microwave a meal or drink the cheap, quick, sugar filled, chemical shake rather than eating a balanced, portion controlled fresh meal.

The solution – make a committed decision to change your environment:

• Remove junk foods from your kitchen
• Only shop in the edge aisles in the supermarket. Most of the junk foods, processed foods and
snacks are in the middle aisles.
• Find social support from family and friends.
• Turn seeing friends and family into active days out.
• Sit down less at work. Every hour get up and walk about for ten minutes, stretch or squat.
• Take the stairs more and walk to shops rather than taking the car.

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