How to set yourself up for success with dieting

1) Block Out others
One of the biggest distractions on your journey will be others, and not actually the people you expect. Its more often than not, the people we care about most, that can do the most damage to our success. The amount of women that will feel threatened that them building a leaner, healthier version of themselves will be detrimental to their relationships is crazy. If your significant other is trying hard to sabotage your life changing efforts, it is vital you sort it out through talking to them, if you choose to ignore it, in the end something has got to give, and most of the time, its the exercise and healthy eating that loses, either on the weekend, or in general.

2) Goals
Have goals, the amount of people I will meet that have literally no goal at all is mind blowing. If you don’t have a goal, what is actually driving you to go to the gym at 6 am? Whats driving you to choose healthy, over convenience? Probably just the excitement of change, which wears off pretty quick.

Set a goal, whether its a date, a weight, a measurement, a dress, anything. This makes your journey far more rewarding and will sure as hell keep you away from the biscuits. Touching on this also is that most people will start, like I said with a goal, which is any of the things I mentioned. Once they obtain these things there done, they have a huge cheat meal and stop, and within 2 weeks their back to normal.

You need to keep setting goals after one has been reached, otherwise you will be trapped in the spiral I now refer to as ‘weightwatchersism’ (yes I made that up, and it refers to people who crash diet for a holiday, then pile on the pounds and come back bigger than ever!)

3) Believe
Being used to a diet as a short term thing, makes it a temporary fix for a permanent problem. What we need to do is set our minds up so that a diet is just a way of life. Believing in the good food you eat, and the training you do is vital. The only diet that actually works is the one you will stick to, and to stick to it, you usually have to have a good level of belief in what your doing, that’s why I always recommend working with the best coaches so you know your level of belief is well placed.

Have a good week.

Tyler, Coach at New ERA, Wirral.

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