Would you like to ;

Eat more food?

Train harder than ever?

Build Muscle and shape?

Most people will Yo-Yo diet their life away for 12 weeks of the year, usually in a run up to their yearly holiday. They go away, put it all back on, then hibernate till next year, to rinse and repeat.

This is such a shame, since the real fun, in training, and eating well, comes way after that initial 12 weeks.

Here is how you really should be managing your Training cycle, so that you will always be making progress.

The first 1-12 weeks,

This should be a total focus on fat loss, as much activity as possible, no cheat meals, no alcohol, all good, nutritious wholesome foods. This will usually yield HUGE results, you can also build some muscle during this phase if you are lucky, since your new to training and your body will adapt very quickly. This is the period of time you will learn the most, find the most resistance with your self and your weekly structure.

Week 13-24

You are now pretty experienced, you’ve lost atleast 12-20lbs, you’ve learnt a lot of the basic movements and methods behind training. Typically, you’ll be hungry for more knowledge and the fat loss has probably slowed down since your body has adapted to the guess work you was doing calorie wise. If you are happy with where you are, you can just continue, but most would want to then learn about macros and micronutrients. You’ll figure out your BMR, then figure out weekly activity, and along with our help you’ll adjust your food intake.

This method introduces the idea of flexibility into a results based programme, so pretty much the best of both worlds. You will be able to sneak in treats and cheat meals, along as they are all tracked in accordance with our goals.

Week 25-37

You’ll probably know hit the eureka moment, ‘’im now happy with my weight and size, but i feel like i still have excess skin and I’ve lost some shape’’ This is due to a few things

  1. The excess skin, you must remember, skin adapts and tightens in accordance with body fat and muscle levels. So the longer you have been ‘out of shape’ the longer it going to take for it to snap back around the body. This is a factor that only time will assist, id focus on keeping vitamin levels high, and building muscle to help this.

2) You’ve lost shape, since the last 37 weeks have been all about re com positioning your body, losing all of your fat, its now time to reap one of the awesome rewards training gives, you need to eat more food to put your body in a muscle building state. Remember like i said in week 1-12, your lucky if you get any muscle from that, as typically the body wont build muscle in a caloric deficit. So nows time to up the food very slowly, and build some shape back in, this will tighten skin, and leave you satisfied in knowing your now adding shape to your frame, in the best possible way, since more muscle is healthier, looks way better and is metabolically more expensive, so you’ll burn way more calories with the muscle onboard.

Week 37+

Now you will be pretty much rinsing and repeating week 13+, cutting the fat to show your hard earned muscle, then building the muscle again. These are typically called cut and build phases.

Bodybuilders often do their build phase in the winter, and then use their cut phase for the summer, so your always prepared for the beach, and in the winter, you can work on building that physique for your summer holidays. Not only that, but you also essentially get 6 months of the year on more food, with a bit more flexibility, a few more cheats, then in the summer you will smash it.

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