All the time im seeing guys not eating enough and expecting results, well let me tell you, the quickest way to get no results what so ever is not eating. Under eating with weight training may actually lead to less muscle tissue overall, THE OPPOSITE of what we want. It will also weaken the immune system , and create a weaker and less motivated mindset due to lack of energy. Do you expect your car to run without petrol? Then why do you expect your body to progress and adapt without its ‘petrol’.


The second thing im mentioning, is training, training is equally as important as nutrition. Does anybody you know throw around numbers all the time saying 80% this 20% that. It is 100% training 100% nutrition. Training ranges from correct frequency to progressive overload, its actually rather complicated. If your just turning up to the gym everyday and doing a random culmination of exercises with no real goal then your going to get nowhere.

Another big issue with training wrong is that the myths perpetuated by the industry are massive, and a lot of people still believe them today. For example, NOBODY who s looking to build a brilliant physique should be training more than 1hr 15 minutes a day. Just one of the many massive mistakes include just burning yourself out by training hours on end. This is something that many people never fix, thus getting no results and putting in far more work than they needed to.


Third in this list of massive mistakes, not approaching your sessions correctly. Lifting weight and building muscle does not just happen. You will never, ever. Build muscle by just cruising through a workout you have seen on the internet. Every single rep must have a purpose.

Do you ever just wake up and not want to make the session happen? Well your not alone, but do you let it get to you? Getting into fantastic shape you will need to not make the mistake of skipping sessions because you dont feel like it.

Also getting into fantastic shape requires a shift in how you think. Never assume its going to come to you and defiantly never assume its easy, welcome challenge.


Do you ever get less than 7 hours sleep per night? This is a massive problem, muscle is built while you rest, not actually in the gym while you train. This can have a negative impact on certain hormone secretion as well as performance in the gym.

Chronic stress has been shown to elevate levels of muscle wasting hormones, as well as that it can effect mindset and again quality of workouts in the gym, both of which are two of the rules of this article. So they are VITAL.


Finally a lack of correct structure to how you going to do things will always leave you falling short and potentially never building any muscle.

Do you find yourself consistently doing the same thing over and over, and getting no results in return? This is exactly what happens if your goals aren’t being consistently monitored. Small goals around 3 months ahead in time, and large goals around 9 months ahead in time. This will allow you to review you efforts and make sure that everything is going the way it should, if your not building consistent muscle over 6-12 week periods then your not doing something right, and your making 1 or more of these 5 mistakes.

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