3 ways to become the strongest version of yourself

1.) GET OUTSIDE, humans now spend around 90% of their lives indoors, the most ever and it’s only increasing as we get lazier. What if i told you that it’s been proven that your home is the most toxic environment you can be in? toxic to your body, your ambitions and probably your relationships. Humans NEED essential vitamins and minerals from the sun, and outdoor oxygen. When is the last time you went on a 30 minute walk? When is the last time you lay in the sun, that wasn’t a 2 week holiday in another part of the world? people love to think that with age comes decline, in happiness, in energy, when mostly, it because as a child they were constantly in school, with breaks all day getting exposure to the outside. When you hit 16-18 most of this stops, you get a day job, then you’re indoors for the rest of your life. its us that seals that fate.

2.) Stop being so negative, people these days love a good moan, i mean it’s only human. Now however, more than ever, we like to see the bad in everything, unless something is going our way, it’s bad….right? the most development you will ever get, on your journey to growing stronger, is outside of your comfort zone. If a situation presents itself where you can either complain, or see a positive, i encourage you to try the positive. The best coaches on the planet, right now, all agree, that what you think, is what you feel. Negative thoughts create a negative body.

3.) Stop overthinking. Did you know, professional athletes only have around 1000 thoughts a day? and your average person has about 5000. This just goes to show that more direct thoughts, are creating champions. in my opinion overthinking will kill more dreams than failure ever will, like my point above, instead of pondering, just say ‘f*ck it, i’ll try my best’’ You’ll be so surprised at how much easier life will become. i can personally say that challenging all my negative thoughts and worries about things that may or may not happen, has been the biggest help to me growing stronger every day, both mentally and physically.

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